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Do you take insurance?

Yes, we currently take insurance and out-of-network clients. Please learn more on our

Rates & Payment tab.

What if I don’t feel my therapist is the right fit for me?

We believe that an individual has autonomy over their journey. If you believe that your therapist is not a good fit for you, you should talk with them about available options. Our therapists support clients in this situation and will refer you to another therapist and/or modify the approach to meet your needs.

What is psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a highly confidential and deeply personal process in which an individual discusses his or her problems with a trained and licensed therapist. Then, based on the individual’s problems, unique psychological methods are practiced by the therapist to help the individual overcome them and reach their desired goal.

What's the difference between a social worker and psychologist?

Clinical social workers hold master’s degrees and work with individuals and groups to solve mental health and social problems. Similarly, psychologists work with individuals or groups to handle mental health problems, but hold doctorates and use advanced psychotherapeutic techniques without the social services component.

Will I know what my first session will cost prior to meeting?

Yes. You will be provided this information prior

to your first session. For those who have insurance, you will be informed of your eligibility and deductible.

How long are the sessions?

Our average session length is 55 minutes.

Who do I contact to reschedule an appointment?

Existing clients can re-schedule an appointment by visiting the following link:

Do you prescribe medication?

No, we do not. However, in cases where medication is necessary for treatment, we

have preferred psychiatrists we coordinate care with in order to get you the help you

need as soon as possible.


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