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Who We Are

Rose Legacy Institute was created to support underrepresented adult populations with enhancing their resilience when faced with life challenges. We hold a deep passion and commitment to help individuals thrive through issues related, but not limited to: anxiety, grief, trauma, relationship issues, and career stress.


We take a customized, culturally-aware approach to help individuals reach their full potential by utilizing evidenced-based treatment interventions. We specialize in serving Black and Indigenous People of Color, military and Veterans, LGBTQIA+, and those working in high-stake occupations. Rose Legacy Institute is an environment where meaningful change is created, celebrated, and appreciated.

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Our Mission

We strive to foster an environment where individuals understand, claim, and appreciate their life experiences. Using a collaborative approach, individuals will create sustainable life-long healthy habits that will produce meaningful transformation and growth.

Our Vision

To empower, encourage, and transform individuals' lives, mindsets, and well-being.

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