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Rose Legacy Institute

Rose Legacy Institute

Create Lasting Change, Reach Your Full Potential

Beginning therapy, counseling, or consultation with a mental health professional can be challenging and overwhelming. Therapy is not just for people who are certain that they have anxiety, depression, trauma, and other conditions. Therapy can be for anyone who may need support overcoming specific challenges so that they can thrive in their life.

Who We Are

At Rose Legacy Institute we provide customized, culturally-aware mental health treatment to help individuals reach their full potential.

We Specialize in Serving:

Black and Indigenous People of Color | Military and Veterans | LGBTQIA+ | High-stake Occupations | Adults 18 and older

Telehealth Therapy

We offer telehealth therapy (sessions via video technology) for current and prospective clients.

Telehealth therapy sessions are similar to in-person sessions, but instead of coming into the office, you and your therapist meet in a comfortable place of your choosing using interactive audio and video technology.

With just a click of a button you can begin your journey to a more fulfilling life with our highly effective, engaging therapists.

Rose Legacy Institute Telehealth

How It Works

Schedule intake

Based on your schedule we will find a time and date for our initial intake interview.

Meet therapist
& complete intake

You will then meet and greet with a therapist to assess fit and identify your treatment goals/needs.

Begin your

In collaboration with your therapist, these sessions will help provide you the tools to improve your well-being and better manage life challenges.


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